Enterprise Resource Planning concept enables tech companies to store all their data in one place. This tool helps businesses to visualize and analyze the efficiency of their resource usage both within and outside the company. The tech companies are using different ERP software systems. They include ERP Mark 7, ERP Integrated Solutions and NetSuite. ERP Mark 7 is a powerful ERP software integrating UPS functionality to give tech companies real time information on their internal core processes. With this system, customers can access information related to shipping of their products efficiently. This information is directly accessed from the system without any need to be redirected to an external website.

The ERP Integrated Solutions system enables tech companies to integrate their shipping functionality directly within the software and hence eliminating any need for external shipping solutions. It also uses UPS technology to provide real time information. It is an efficient system with good return on investment. NetSuite is a web based fully integrated ERP software application that is able to run various components of your business. It provides the company employees a real time visualization of information. The UPS functionality also enables the streamlining of the data exchange processes within the company.