The ERP software seems to have changed the world of business by consolidating and incorporating a multi-functional enterprise into a simple network that can be run and managed from one central location.

There are several startups working on specific aspects of the ERP software.These include:

1.Anaplan – it works on the data processing, analysis of historical data and model building to enhance effective business planning and execution.

2.Selectica – it deals with developing a software that improves the effectiveness of sales and provides a platform for easy contract management.

3.Zoura – its software provides ease in dealing with commerce and finance which makes it relevant and useful in launching a new product.

4.Glovia – its deals with a manufacturing software that deals with different stages of a product’s development.

5.Kenandy – this software mostly aims enterprises that design, manufacture and distribute their own products.

6.Rootstock – it is built upon manufacturing and supply chain management functions.

7.Zoho – it provides services to business with little or no resources to invest in IT.Offering services like accounting human resource, marketing and business intelligence.

In conclusion, these are the seven startups have joined forces to revolutionize the world of business. By developing the ERP business management has just gotten easier and better.