Choosing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for your software company is a very important function; and could be very easy as well. I will not list any particular vendor for some reasons. However, if you are to pick an ERP system from any vendor, consider the following:

1. ERP processes. What are the processes or functions the ERP can take care of especially for a manufacturing company that you are? It must be able to process your accounts for several products, buying (though limited) utilities, human resources etc.

2. Size of your company. The size of your company is also very important. Your company is most likely to be in the small and medium scale industry, hence pick one that suits your category.

3. Price of the system. Although the price of the system should not be an issue as long as you get value for money. But then, pick one that you can afford. There are even some that are almost free to being free.

4. Multi-nationality. You’ll most likely need a system that can process sales in many countries, languages and perfom tax operations for different countries.

Overall, be careful to choose the system for you because eventually, it is about meeting your needs. Your company is the most important factor even more than the system itself.